On The Roam is a creative production company that produces scripted and unscripted original branded content, television series and motion pictures. We are a creative collective of ambitious, brave and innovative artists that share a belief in quality storytelling through beautifully honest cinematic technique.

Based in Los Angeles, but capturing stories all over the world, we were founded in 2018 as a joint venture  between Ignition Creative, the entertainment industry's leading creative studio and Pride of Gypsies, a boutique production company formed by actor/director Jason Momoa.
Our shared creative ethos is what makes us what we are: filmmakers who are passionate about rich and authentic storytelling. Driven to create content that gets noticed by, and emotionally connects to a digitally-engaged audience.
We believe in filming with small specially curated crews to maintain intimacy with our subjects. We believe in using natural light to flare and reflect the world’s imperfections. We believe that editorial technique and sound design can make the difference between being told something and being made to feel something.
Being backed by one of the largest entertainment content agencies in the world allows us access to an incredibly powerful set of creative and production resources.
From our creative workshop in Los Angeles, we can easily and efficiently utilize the skills of some of the most talented and award winning editors, motion designers, VFX supervisors, social media experts, illustrators and writers in the industry. From storyboarding to finishing, music composition to our film studio - we have everything we need under one roof.